How to verify a domain in Google Search Console

Login to Google Search Console In the top left corner, you would see a dropdown list of existing properties (or domains) you own. If the domain you want to verify does not exist, then simply click on Add New Property option in the dropdown to add your domain which will open a popup like below After entering your domain name, click continue to go the the next step You can verify your domain via DNS records in your hosting or a URL prefix property. Choose whichever is more convinient to you and follow the process which is explained in detail in the search console.

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WebP Image Fallback Options

WebP is a relatively new image format which provides lossless and lossy compression for web images. It was developed and released by Google in 2010. Accroding to Google WebP format saves around 25-30% of image size which is a big saving for image-heavy sites. Even for normal sites, it saves a lot of network bandwidth and results in overall performance improvement of a web site (in turn a better ranking by search engines). Even though this format has been there since 2010, it is still not supported by all browsers.The good thing is that it is natively supported in Google Chrome and the Opera browsers which cover for bigger chunk of browser market share. For mobile sites this format has become a necessity to optimize load time of websites on mobile. Google provides tools to convert images from one format(png, jpg etc) to webp and viceversa If we are using webp format of[…]

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Hosting services can ruin Google ranking, learn why?

Learn Why Bad Hosting Can Ruin Your Google Rankings Everybody knows that Google have over 200 factors that go into their algorithm of website ranking. Nobody (except Google) knows what exactly those factors are, however, SEO specialists have picked out some really important ones, the effect of which can be measured. When you are done with your website’s design, content, quality internal and external links, heading and title tags, keywords, and everything that depends on the web developer (programmer code and databases optimization), you are ready for the last step – uploading your website on the server and publishing it for the whole wide world to see. If you are looking for reliable shared hosting under 1 USD click here > SEO experts recommend choosing your hosting carefully as all the hard work done while building your website may be ruined instantly by uploading the site on an inappropriate hosting. […]

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Pass Values from One Page to Another

When we need to pass values from one page to another, two most common ways it is implemented is to either use a query string parameter and append the data to query string in the URL, or use a postback to post the data using form submission. Recently I was required to pass some values from one page to another page so I went ahead and did a quick query string implementation to pass the values which worked pretty well until I looked at the analytics data which reported same page with different query parameter as different URLs. I didn’t like it (neither did my SEO team) since the query string parameters did not change the functionality of the target page. It just happened to be some additional data for the target page so I decided to go for alternate options. Next option was to use session state but that data is stored on the server[…]

URL Rewrite SEO in IIS

Since the advent of search engines URL rewriting has become mandatory. It makes URLs look nicer and clearer in terms of what content to expect at the given URL. Recently I uploaded few static HTML files to an IIS site. I wanted a nice looking URL without .html extension which was quite straight-forward to achieve in ASP.NET site. You can install URL Rewrite Module in IIS 7 or above versions and a few configuration steps is all that is required to achieve the desired results. Read this article from Microsoft to get in-depth understanding of the steps. Below is the sample web.config entry I had to make to achieve the results <configuration> <system.webServer> <rewrite> <rules> <rule name=”Rewrite to .html Rule”> <match url=”^games/([_0-9a-z-]+)” /> <action type=”Rewrite” url=”games/{R:1}.html” /> </rule> </rules> </rewrite> </system.webServer> </configuration> You will need some understanding of the regular expressions to create a matching pattern for your URL (match tag in[…]

How to bring A Website on the first page of Search?

It’s not an easy task. In the era of increasing competition; every 1 in a 3 business fails in the span of five years. The reason is the technology advancement. Technology is getting changed over time incessantly. To meet the competition, business needs to grow accordingly. On the contrary for many businesses it’s human nature not to adapt change and stay stuck in the past. Technological advancement means a business has to look at different ways of marketing and promotion for getting ahead of all. Now Marketing is no more a one way street as you are connected to people in more ways. For this we need to focus on the basics first. Search Algorithm The key to higher ranking in search results is keeping up the expectations of Search engines which follow an algorithm. While choosing to display results they consider following elements: Words matter – It’s all about whatever you[…]

How to get and increase Subscribers?

YouTube is a great platform around the world to connect with others globally. In the era of increasing competition people are focusing on various marketing strategies and most of the videos on YouTube are there to serve the purpose. Video content is the way of content marketing. Here we are going to talk about viewer’s development and how it relates to YouTube. There are two types of viewers we find on YouTube “Subscribers will come when they’ll find something they are looking for and they are interested in exact same content being provided by you whereas Fan Followers are the ones who are going to check every morning whether you have come up with the new content or not. In some of the cases they’ll be more demanding. Subscribers are usually permanent whereas Fan Followers can be temporary at times.” Now We are going to look at the tips that will help you[…]

How to add Tags in a YouTube Video?

In my previous article on YouTube search optimization, we discussed about Tags. Tags are one of the ways to get your videos available in searches. We are going to explore Tags further and look at the ways to optimize it. ♦ Log-in to your YouTube account. At the top right of the page where your account or channel logo is shown, Click on the logo > Creator Studio. Once you are logged-in; on the left side menu, Click Video Manager > Videos. This brings the list of videos along with edit option. ♦ If you are on your channel page, you can see Video Manager option right below the search box. Click Video Manager > Videos. This brings the list of videos along with edit option. Clicking on edit button of any of the videos takes you to the properties page of that particular video. There you can see Automatic Suggested Tags by YouTube under Basic Info. Tags are the text information about the video. You can always opt for[…]

How to make a Video available in top YouTube search?

YouTube is one of the largest mediums to connect with your audience and has been ranked The second most popular site by Alexa as of April 2017. So more and more people are looking for better search ranking of their videos. We are going to look at some basic tips which will help your videos rank higher in YouTube search.  ⇒⇒ PRIMARY TIPS ⇐⇐ Making of a better content ultimately leads to the video showing up higher in YouTube search results. Following key points are not only going to help your videos becoming available in top searches but also getting more views: 1. Keyword Search  The first step is to search for a related video in YouTube and you would see search phrase suggestions as you type. These search phrases are the most popular search phrases for related content so you get some idea about what all things people are looking for and what all[…]