How to get and increase Subscribers?

YouTube is a great platform around the world to connect with others globally. In the era of increasing competition people are focusing on various marketing strategies and most of the videos on YouTube are there to serve the purpose. Video content is the way of content marketing. Here we are going to talk about viewer’s development and how it relates to YouTube. There are two types of viewers we find on YouTube “Subscribers will come when they’ll find something they are looking for and they are interested in exact same content being provided by you whereas Fan Followers are the ones who are going to check every morning whether you have come up with the new content or not. In some of the cases they’ll be more demanding. Subscribers are usually permanent whereas Fan Followers can be temporary at times.” Now We are going to look at the tips that will help you[…]

How to add Tags in a YouTube Video?

In my previous article on YouTube search optimization, we discussed about Tags. Tags are one of the ways to get your videos available in searches. We are going to explore Tags further and look at the ways to optimize it. ♦ Log-in to your YouTube account. At the top right of the page where your account or channel logo is shown, Click on the logo > Creator Studio. Once you are logged-in; on the left side menu, Click Video Manager > Videos. This brings the list of videos along with edit option. ♦ If you are on your channel page, you can see Video Manager option right below the search box. Click Video Manager > Videos. This brings the list of videos along with edit option. Clicking on edit button of any of the videos takes you to the properties page of that particular video. There you can see Automatic Suggested Tags by YouTube under Basic Info. Tags are the text information about the video. You can always opt for[…]