Moving windows from HDD to SSD (Free)

In order to move windows from HDD to SSD without buying a paid tool, we can use “Macrium Reflect”. This tool has one month of trial period and the software is fully functional during the trial period with no limitation on any functionality whatsoever. Download and install “Macrium Reflect” from Launch Marcium Reflect and select the windows drive which you want to move to the SSD Make sure to select System Partition as well. Now click on “Clone this disk” which will ask to select a target disk. Select the SSD and click next and then finish Finally a popup will be shown. Click ok to start the cloning process Once the process finishes, restart the computer, and go to boot section (click F1 or F12 when the computer boots depending upon which key works for your computer) and move your SSD up in the boot sequence to make[…]

Business Name Generator

When you are going to start a new business, the first step is to think of a name for your business. Now with the help of AI, it has become quite easy to generate hundreds of names for your business and pick one which suits the best. Here is one such tool which can generate short, powerful, cachy names for your business using artificial intelligence.

Pixel Drawings

A little online tool (Pixel Draw) I made a while back to test out my creativity has attracted some very creative people from around the globe. I recently checked out archived images and and have been pleasantly surpised to see some very creative designs. Below are a few examples Thanks to the original creators. More such drawings @