SadTalker ERROR: No matching distribution found for torch==1.12.1+cu113

If you have Python 3.11 installed on your system, you will get this error when running the webui.bat file for setting up the SadTalker since it does not yet support Python 3.11. The solution is to install previous version of Python (in my case I did Python 3.8 as specified in the dependecies section of cog.yaml which downloaded with the SadTalker code). We will use conda to create a virtual environment just for SadTalker and then use it from there. The first step is to make sure we have Anaconda installed on our system. If not then download and install it from here. Make sure to follow the steps here for downloading the SadTalker files. Launch Anaconda Powershell and run following command to create a new environment for older version of python. Now activate the environment Make sure to validate that it is using desired version of python by checking[…]

Install SadTalker on Windows

Prerequisites: Install ffmpeg on windows In order to install ffmpeg on windows go to Follow steps mentioned here is install ffmpeg on your system. Now go to SadTalker Github page Go the the dev branch and click on Go to the Download Trained Models section and click on the higlighed link to go to the SadTalker v0.0.2 rc Release Note page Download first four assets and Source file Unzip Source file to a folder. We are are going to extract it to SadTalker-0.0.2-rc folder. In this folder manually create “checkpoints” folder and copy four .tar and .safetensors files in it once those also get downloaded. Open command prompt and go to SadTalker directory. There you would find webui.bat file. Run this file in command prompt to finish the setup. This will take a while to download and setup all required packages the first time.[…]

Moving windows from HDD to SSD (Free)

In order to move windows from HDD to SSD without buying a paid tool, we can use “Macrium Reflect”. This tool has one month of trial period and the software is fully functional during the trial period with no limitation on any functionality whatsoever. Download and install “Macrium Reflect” from Launch Marcium Reflect and select the windows drive which you want to move to the SSD Make sure to select System Partition as well. Now click on “Clone this disk” which will ask to select a target disk. Select the SSD and click next and then finish Finally a popup will be shown. Click ok to start the cloning process Once the process finishes, restart the computer, and go to boot section (click F1 or F12 when the computer boots depending upon which key works for your computer) and move your SSD up in the boot sequence to make[…]

Install DeOldify on Windows

Download and install Anaconda Download Deoldify code from github Extract contents of the downloaded DeOldify code zip file to a folder. Download Completed Generator Weights file for Video from the DeOldify github page (834 MB size) In the root of DeOldify folder create a new folder named “models” and copy downloaded Completed Generator Weights file to this folder (ColorizeVideo_gen.pth) Now launch Anaconda Powershell and go to root of DeOldify folder. Now we need to run few commands in sequence. Run following command first which will take a while to finish Once above command finished, run the next command as following Now run the following command Note: In case you face issues with running jypyter command such as “cmdlet not found”, check the path of python library in the system PATH variable. Also, make sure jypyter is installed on your system. You can install jupyter using windows command prompt as[…]

Business Name Generator

When you are going to start a new business, the first step is to think of a name for your business. Now with the help of AI, it has become quite easy to generate hundreds of names for your business and pick one which suits the best. Here is one such tool which can generate short, powerful, cachy names for your business using artificial intelligence.