Admob Data safety Question

Developers are now required to answer a question by Dec 7, 2023 which was earlier marked optional but would now be required an answer after the due date. As we know Admob collects data about users for displaying personalized ads to the users. The ads are displayed using the Google Mobile Ads Sdk and the Sdk does not provide a way for users to request deletion of data as confirmed by the Mobile Ads Sdk team in the following discussion

How to add AdMob Reward Ads to Phaser 3 Game

We will be using corodva to compile a Phaser 3 Game to Android App. We are going to go over step by step description of how to implement Admob Reward Ads to our game. Let us start by creating a Phaser Game. For simplicity we will not have any game code in it but only a butoon to launch reward ads. Create the cordova project by using the following command in Node.js console. Refer to this blog to go over basic steps to compile an HTML5 game to Android app. We are going to use Admob Plus cordova plugin for implementing Admob ads in our game. Add plugin by using the command below. Make sure to replace App ID with your App ID in AdMob console. You need to create an App for your Android app and then create a Reward ad for that app which will be used here.[…]

How to fill “Data Safety” section on Google Play for AdMob?

If your app does not collect any user information, but uses Admob for advertisement in your Android app, you will still need to fill out the “Data Safety” section in your play store app listing. AdMob has provided some information on how to complete the “Data Safety” section in Play Store by providing information on end-user data collected by the Google Mobile Ads SDK. Though the information seems adequate, filling out form on Play Store still seems somewhat cumbersome task. Here is step-by-step details of what all should we be filling out in the “Data Safety” section. Start with first three questions, we need to select “Yes” for all. Click “Next” button to go to “Data types” page and answer further questions Nothing to be selected for following headers Personal info Financial info Health and fitness Messages Photos and videos Audio files Files and docs Calendar Contacts Nothing for[…]