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This error occurs when you try to update something in WordPress site and the update fails for some reason and then your site goes down and following message is displayed Don’t worry. The process to fix this is pretty straight-forward. Go to your blog installation folder and look for .maintenance file. This file is generated by WordPress when the update occurs and then removed after the update finishes. In case update fails and this file could not be removed, then the above error message is displayed. Delete this file and you will be back up.

Four Ways To Develop A Contact List

In order to effectively use email marketing, we need to look at various ways of developing a contacts list. The ultimate goal of developing a contacts list is to enhance the length of prospects. Every email you send to people, has a possibility to get lead and convert those prospects into customers whether it is for the sale of a product/service or for promotional activities to increase traffic for a website/blog. Emails with quality content are the ones that can make a really good impact on the prospects. It doesn’t matter if you send just one or two emails in a month or an email campaigning, it works if you do it right way. In my previous post we talked about one of the ways for building contacts list which was to include a questionnaire form on your website. It is even possible to develop a list without having a website. Let see how: ⇒Sign Up Forms With the[…]

Things To Note For The Best Web Hosting Service !!

If you have registered for an attractive and apt domain; you’re already a step ahead than others who are yet to come up with the idea of being online. Next step is selection of hosting service. Choosing a hosting service for their website has been a difficult task for people. Hosting is about storing and making your web page content accessible on web therefore, it plays a very important role. There are plenty of hosting service providers but not all meet expectations in reality. Also, it is not advisable to go for free hosting. Beware of any of such traps since not only does it come with limitations but also technical problems. Buying hosting from a reliable provider is going to keep you hassle free in future. A Good host is the one which provides quality support along with the hosting services. There are various categories of web hosting and I have come up[…]