Four Ways To Develop A Contact List

In order to effectively use email marketing, we need to look at various ways of developing a contacts list. The ultimate goal of developing a contacts list is to enhance the length of prospects. Every email you send to people, has a possibility to get lead and convert those prospects into customers whether it is for the sale of a product/service or for promotional activities to increase traffic for a website/blog. Emails with quality content are the ones that can make a really good impact on the prospects. It doesn’t matter if you send just one or two emails in a month or an email campaigning, it works if you do it right way.

In my previous post we talked about one of the ways for building contacts list which was to include a questionnaire form on your website. It is even possible to develop a list without having a website. Let see how:

⇒Sign Up Forms

With the help of sign up forms you can invite visitors of different pages to your email newsletters. The information provided through sign up forms gets associated to the contact list of your email account. You can place sign up forms on relevant websites. You might have seen such pop ups when visiting a website which asks for your name / email id in exchange for some useful information. These are nothing but sign up forms.

⇒Use Social Media

Social media sites can have very significant contribution in engaging visitors to follow through your social posts. Facebook API allows developing application plug-ins where you can place sign up forms into your page. You can use social networking to collect email addresses.

⇒Typical Printed Ads in Newspaper

You can use printed advertising in business magazines or business newspapers to promote your business. You can opt for a catchy classified advertisement in which you can invite people to join your email list. Placing a QR Code in the advertisement is also a good idea that can lead people towards your signup / subscription forms.

⇒Use local Networking

Whenever you meet someone for professional reason, don’t forget to collect email id from him/her. You can ask if he/she wants to join and receive email newsletters to get information about further updates regarding your work. Moreover you can ask people to join your email newsletters while meeting in public events, seminars, trade shows etc. Don’t hesitate and miss the opportunity to do so.

Apart from Social media marketing activities, email marketing has a really good potential to tap new people provided your email content is engaging enough to attract interest. Now a days people are no more dependent on PCs and laptops to check their emails. Rather they use smartphones for their online activities.

Moreover, there are various tools available for email marketing that help in creating and maintaining a list of emails. You can choose what works best for you and your budget. Some of the popular tools are – 


In fact developing a contact list will help in the long run and the targeted list of email will be even better option for any online business. All you need to do is to use your marketing brain and build your email contacts through above options.

Hopefully these simple tips will help you to develop your own list of emails. What tips you are using to grow your list? Do let me know your experiences in the comment section guys.

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