How to make a Video available in top YouTube search?

YouTube is one of the largest mediums to connect with your audience and has been ranked The second most popular site by Alexa as of April 2017. So more and more people are looking for better search ranking of their videos. We are going to look at some basic tips which will help your videos rank higher in YouTube search. 


Making of a better content ultimately leads to the video showing up higher in YouTube search results. Following key points are not only going to help your videos becoming available in top searches but also getting more views:

1. Keyword Search 

The first step is to search for a related video in YouTube and you would see search phrase suggestions as you type. These search phrases are the most popular search phrases for related content so you get some idea about what all things people are looking for and what all keywords they are using and it’ll help you to understand your audience and what they are looking for as to begin with. Even if you begin with something which is not available on YouTube, you can get to know about the pattern of similar searches which in turn is going to help you find a suitable title for your video. 

2. Title of the video

It should be very clear what the video is all about. More Humane words should be used which is going to trigger viewers to watch the video. Title should not be unnecessarily burdened with all the keywords people are searching for on YouTube. It simply means “keyword stuffing” which is not a first good impression.

3. Thumbnails

Thumbnails are very crucial part of the video. It should relate to your title else viewers might just move on to the next video with thumbnails relating more to what they were looking for.  

4. Content Match with Title and Thumbnails

It should grab attention of the viewer within first 10-20 seconds so that viewer gets the idea that he/she is going to get what he/she expected. No one is actually going to watch the full video even when it is interesting for most part if it drags at the beginning.

5. Content Plan

It should be short and simple rather than giving too much information about the topic. Mind it viewer is not going to sit long for watching a whole story.

6. Engaging Content

It should engage your viewer while watching and for that you can put up a question regarding the content or can also inject a little bit of humor.

7. Call to action

Your video content should have a call to action to continue. You can easily do it with the help of subscribe, like and comment or by inviting sign up for the regular videos through emails. It also helps YouTube rank the quality of the video provided by you.

8. Consistency

It is a big element in any of the social media platforms specifically on YouTube. Your audience needs to know when they are going to get the new content so that they can come back around the same time. It is obvious that viewers are not going to repeatedly watch the same video over and over again so they will be expecting new content to be published at certain intervals.


9. Authority

If possible try to seek one content team that can help you reach and attract targeted audience so that more and more people can engage with your quality content.

10. Category

It is always better to categorize your content according to its topic such as entertainment, education, sports, games and many more… It ultimately increases the chance to get the clear segment of YouTube videos and more viewers of course.

11. Tags

While setting up a video to upload, YouTube suggests for automatic tags which can help video to be found in search results. It is recommended to use tags which are only related to your video content, else your video ranking will go down.

12. Playlists

Playlists allow you to get more views on your videos so you should group videos of similar topic. Once viewer has watched a video in your playlist, the next video will be played automatically after completion of the previous video. It helps in increasing both your content watch time as well as session of watch time.

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