How to bring A Website on the first page of Search?

It’s not an easy task. In the era of increasing competition; every 1 in a 3 business fails in the span of five years. The reason is the technology advancement. Technology is getting changed over time incessantly. To meet the competition, business needs to grow accordingly. On the contrary for many businesses it’s human nature not to adapt change and stay stuck in the past.

Technological advancement means a business has to look at different ways of marketing and promotion for getting ahead of all. Now Marketing is no more a one way street as you are connected to people in more ways. For this we need to focus on the basics first.

Search Algorithm

The key to higher ranking in search results is keeping up the expectations of Search engines which follow an algorithm. While choosing to display results they consider following elements:

  1. Words matter – It’s all about whatever you are writing about your website means description of what the website is all about.
  2. Title matter – It is the official title that makes every website unique on its own. Search engines also consider the page title because in many cases it summarizes the page like an index For e.g. book title.
  3. Links matter – The links between the websites matter. When a page links to another it is often like a recommendation which shows that another link also has quality information. But one thing you need to make sure that the other links should have relevant information related to the content.
  4. Words in links – The words that are used in the links also affect. For e.g. If your website says that it has several card games and the link has words like “card games” then search engine will relate it with the word games or card. As a result if anyone searches with the word card games; your website has better chance of appearing in search results.
  5. Reputation – With a consistent repo and engaging content along with growing number of quality links again increases the chance for higher ranking.

Creation of Social Media Page

There are various types of paid promotions which are done on these platforms. Twitter and Facebook are free for such activities. Make interesting and fun posts to publish or tweet. The important thing is that your post should have clear call to action means what you want from your followers to do and for this your content should be interesting to make people read. Include sources or links and facts relating your content. Don’t just promote your business; take others also with you. Not just Facebook and Twitter but also pages like Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit (to share knowledge and information)Make sure you have a strategy i.e. what all you will do there and time to execute the same for your content in mind otherwise it is not going to make a difference. If you’re using multiple pages then social media manager programs can help you for handling the same. Keep in mind these are the platforms which take time to build up your content. Make it a habit to spend certain time (depending on your availability for a few minutes to hours) on daily basis and be patient.

Start A Blog

Start A Blog to showcase your struggles and success. The moment you build an active blog; you’ll have a better understanding of a writer also. You can give yourself coverage through your own blog. Most of the people also want to know about the background history of whatever thing you come up with. It is like providing a value to your readers. For e.g. If you are a developer of the game, you can write down the moments of hard and happy times while your games were under process. Post the games and updates further as this is the end result which your followers are expecting.


Keep in touch with your followers/ audience to know their feedback. Even when you have a doubt about any feature and design of your website; you can ask for a suggestion and know what they think about it. Let them realize that you’re doing it to improve their overall experience. It is going to help you because ultimately your followers are going to be the part of your future endeavors.

Press coverage

You can take the help of Or to get exposure by using some of the strategies. For e.g. You can write about a major milestone or event of your startup and submit it as a press release. If they pick up your matter and publish it, your startup is going to have a positive impact in terms of branding and reputation management.

Besides, try to reach Journalists who can feature your start up in their stories and work with them for future announcements if this all goes well.

It is advisable to try to find the most suitable writers covering your startup industry and follow and watch them what they do on Twitter and Facebook. At times it can be fun knowing their stories and activities as well. Be genuinely interested, answer to their questions and get involved with them because they are writing about the same industry you’re in.


Don’t ignore the effects of your steps which are going to cost you. Make sure you don’t get out of budget if it is just a start up. Your efforts are definitely going to pay you for your future success.

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