Quick Tip

Resize external website to fit in the iFrame

I recently had to publish a game on my website which was written by another developer and was in public domain. My website was responsive and worked great for PC, tablet and mobile but this game came in a fixed size and was not responsive. It was using canvas which could not be resized inside an iFrame to fit in the available space so I looked for options to fit this game in my website layout and make it work for all devices (PC, tablet, mobile). The idea was to use something which would work similar to how mobile devices use viewport to fit the content in its browser. CSS3 comes with the support for scaling of iFrame content which works perfectly in my scenario so the embeded game/page is scaled down to fit in the iFrame. There is some computation required to scale the embeded page correctly. The article[…]

Configure to use Adaptive Icons in Cordova

Adaptive icons require API 26 or above. We use a combination of legacy icons as well as adaptive icons to serve users who are using Android versions below 26 as well as those using 26 or above. Android will use Adaptive icons for API 26 or above and fallback to use legacy icons for devices with API below 26. For this tutorial we will create icon set using an online service https://easyappicon.com/. Create icon set using the service and download the set. You should see the icons in two folders; Android and iOS. For his tutorial we will use Android icon set. Go inside the folder and you would see folders as following Let us also create an Android app using Cordova as described in the previous article http://www.netexl.com/blog/use-cordova-to-compile-html5-games-to-android-app/ Create a new app by using the command as following A basic skeleton cordova project is created This is the bare[…]

Use Cordova to compile HTML5 games to Android App

Install npm and cordova https://docs.npmjs.com/downloading-and-installing-node-js-and-npm It is also useful to insall nvm which is node version manager to manage different versions of node.js. For windows the installable can be downloaded from here https://github.com/coreybutler/nvm-windows/releases check version of node, npm and, cordova using the commands as following Once nvm is installed it can be used to check for installed version of node by using the command On windows use following command to see available versions on node If a higher version of node is available it can be installed by specifying the version as following Configure the system to use the installed version of node now Cordova install and update Update npm to the latest version by specifying the version number All of the above commands are specified to make sure that we have latest version of node, npm, nvm, cordova installed before we start creating packages for our HTML5 game. Version[…]

Some good resources for web game development

Websites to compress images https://tinypng.com/ https://www.websiteplanet.com/webtools/imagecompressor/ Create spritesheets online for HTML5 games https://www.leshylabs.com/apps/sstool/ Create Android assets online https://romannurik.github.io/AndroidAssetStudio https://easyappicon.com/ Royalty free images / vectors https://pixabay.com/ https://publicdomainvectors.org/ Free custom icons https://www.iconsdb.com/ Online APK Analyzer https://www.sisik.eu/apk-tool Free Icons for Commercial Use https://iconarchive.com/ Generate CSS Sprites https://instantsprite.com/ Responsive CSS Sprite Maker https://responsive-css.spritegen.com/