Commenting Etiquettes While You are on Web !!

Now a days commenting on posts or blogs is not just what people do out of their interests only but also it is really important to be an active commenter on the social media to mark your presence known and maintain overall awareness about the updates.
It helps in building links with others, building a community and sharing your views. Comments also reveal the engagement of your content. While sharing your views anywhere be it on a blog or some social networking post, you have to make sure that your comments are expressed in a good way.

There are certain things to be taken care of before you comment. Here they are:

• Make Valuable Comments:

Make sure to never comment without proper knowledge about the subject and reading of the content. Comments should not be done just to make noise but to add on to the information. You can add a story related to a post or just thank the writer/publisher for the information. If you are running your own website or business online, you can expand your network and increase traffic to your website with the help of it. Try to provide genuine comments.

• Make it Concise:

Try to comment to-the-point and short so that others can easily understand what you want to say. It should not be burdened with length of words unnecessarily to catch the eye of other readers. Also, avoid using links for any kind of promotional activities while commenting as it might be considered spam and will be of no use.

• Maintain Dignity:

It is always a good practice to use proper words in commenting because the information exchanged on social media or a blog are written by a human and the chances of mistakes can take place. Try not to be rude and hurt feelings of others who might have shared any such kind of relevant information with good intent.

• Maintain Your Image:

The way you comment on different posts reveals your personality in front of others. Knowingly or unknowingly you create a bond with other readers who read your comments and be a part of the discussion, if any. Don’t just leave a comment and forget about it. Make sure you visit the post again to check back if others are willing to continue the discussion in response to your comments.

• Proper Feedback:

In case there is something wrong with the information then try to comment politely. It can be anything; be it a typing mistake or, some wrong information. Also, share the improved information or, provide the tips to correct the information. Make sure you respond to everyone in case you are part of a discussion; no matter it is positive or negative. Everyone admires when they get noticed so it will help you strengthen your relationship with the current audience and foster new ones.


In case you are very active as commenter, do it on certain intervals. Try not to comment whole day.

If you have more ideas in addition to these points, feel free to let me know through your comments. If you find this useful, let others also benefit by sharing this article with them.

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