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Add AdMob Ads to HTML5 Game using Intel XDK

The steps are as following Open your app in Intel XDK and go to CORDOVA HYBRID MOBILE APP SETTINGS section Click on “Add Plugins to this project” and search for the plugin “cordova-plugin-admob-free” in npm. Click “Add Plugin” which adds plugin to the project. Open your index.html and add following code

Replace banner and interstitial ad code id with yours. The code in the example is given by Google to test the ads which displays placeholder ads for testing. This can be used during development and testing. Replace it with your ad codes for release. Another thing to note here is that interstitial ads can be loaded before it is actually called for display. Make sure to set “autoShow” to false to disable automatic load of interstitial ads. Default value for this flag is true so if this value is not set to false then ads will be automatically displayed once “prepare” is called and[…]

Add Social Sharing Feature to HTML5 Game using Intel XDK

If you have gone through previous post in which we discussed about using Intel XDK to compile HTML5 games to Android apps, next steps are to add features which are quite necessary for every Android app such Social Sharing option. There are many open source plugins available to add Social Sharing feature to your app and it takes no more than a few minutes of effort to integrate this feature and get it working. The steps are as following Open your app in Intel XDK and go to CORDOVA HYBRID MOBILE APP SETTINGS section Click on “Add Plugins to this project” and search for the plugin “cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing” in npm. Click “Add Plugin” which adds plugin to the project. Open your index.html and add following code

Replace title and URL of the Android app in the code. And that is it. Now the share method is available to call on click of a[…]

How Email Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow?

Email marketing is one of very effective ways to hit the mind of existing as well as prospective customers in building relationship with them and get them engaged with your products or services. We will go over certain things which should be done in order to achieve desired results: ◊ Set goals It is really important to decide the purpose of sending emails. For ex. you want to promote your products or services and bring traffic to your website; or you want to use it for sending exclusive offers to new or existing customers in order to increase sales. ◊ Develop a contacts list So how can you find email ids of people? You can include a questionnaire form on your website and also encourage your customers to subscribe online for receiving updates and newsletters. Make sure you get their consent to send commercial emails as different countries can have law restrictions. ◊ Speak to prospects and[…]

Four Most Important Ways To Build Your Web Presence

Now a days approximately half of the world is getting online to find information. The amount of potential customers has expanded because more and more people are browsing the web from so many different types of devices. With such a big change we can’t ignore its worth to tap for promoting our business online and also the access to global market. It is like extending your business as a brand globally. You can also take it as improved customer experience. In fact you are not only providing better experience to existing customers but also making more people aware about and reach to your products or services. It is not an overnight task rather it does take time and continuous effort to build web presence and become recognizable. There are certain ways to start with your online activities: • Websites • Local Business listings and review sites • Social media •[…]

Compile Phaser Games (or any other HTML5 Game) as Android Store App using Intel XDK

Intel XDK has long supported development and compilation of HTML5 games for Android, iOS and Windows store. It even provided a cloud based build system which took care of preparation of final packages which could be directly published to respective Android, iOS and Windows stores but starting from July 2017, Intel XDK build system has been shut down and new versions of Intel XDK do not have Game templates anymore. Still the tool is very useful for compiling your HTML5 games for Android, iOS and Windows stores. We are going to look at steps to compile HTML5 game for Android in this tutorial. Step 1 – Download and install Intel XDK. Step 2 – Create a new project using Blank HTML5 + Cordova template. Select “HTML5 + Cordova” and Click “Continue” which open a dialog box for specifying Project Name and Directory. We are going to use Dice Roller example code[…]

How to bring A Website on the first page of Search?

It’s not an easy task. In the era of increasing competition; every 1 in a 3 business fails in the span of five years. The reason is the technology advancement. Technology is getting changed over time incessantly. To meet the competition, business needs to grow accordingly. On the contrary for many businesses it’s human nature not to adapt change and stay stuck in the past. Technological advancement means a business has to look at different ways of marketing and promotion for getting ahead of all. Now Marketing is no more a one way street as you are connected to people in more ways. For this we need to focus on the basics first. Search Algorithm The key to higher ranking in search results is keeping up the expectations of Search engines which follow an algorithm. While choosing to display results they consider following elements: Words matter – It’s all about whatever you[…]

How to get and increase Subscribers?

YouTube is a great platform around the world to connect with others globally. In the era of increasing competition people are focusing on various marketing strategies and most of the videos on YouTube are there to serve the purpose. Video content is the way of content marketing. Here we are going to talk about viewer’s development and how it relates to YouTube. There are two types of viewers we find on YouTube “Subscribers will come when they’ll find something they are looking for and they are interested in exact same content being provided by you whereas Fan Followers are the ones who are going to check every morning whether you have come up with the new content or not. In some of the cases they’ll be more demanding. Subscribers are usually permanent whereas Fan Followers can be temporary at times.” Now We are going to look at the tips that will help you[…]

How to add Tags in a YouTube Video?

In my previous article on YouTube search optimization, we discussed about Tags. Tags are one of the ways to get your videos available in searches. We are going to explore Tags further and look at the ways to optimize it. ♦ Log-in to your YouTube account. At the top right of the page where your account or channel logo is shown, Click on the logo > Creator Studio. Once you are logged-in; on the left side menu, Click Video Manager > Videos. This brings the list of videos along with edit option. ♦ If you are on your channel page, you can see Video Manager option right below the search box. Click Video Manager > Videos. This brings the list of videos along with edit option. Clicking on edit button of any of the videos takes you to the properties page of that particular video. There you can see Automatic Suggested Tags by YouTube under Basic Info. Tags are the text information about the video. You can always opt for[…]

Integrate Kongregate’s JavaScript API in HTML5 Game to Submit High Score

Though Kongregate’s API can be directly initialized in the main game’s HTML, the better way is to always create a Kongregate’s Shell which is nothing but another HTML file which you refer for running the game in stead of your default game’s HTML file. The Shell file in turn embeds your game’s default HTML file using an iFrame. Code for Shell HTML can be used from the code snippet below

You can change index.html to refer to your game’s HTML file name. Also, you need to ensure the width and height is properly set for your game for “contentdiv”. Define your localStorage as following in a separate js file (for ex storage.js)

Now in the game’s HTML add code as highlighted below

High scores should be submitted twice. Once at the completion of game’s stage, whenever high score is achieved. And then second time whenever game is initially[…]

How to make a Video available in top YouTube search?

YouTube is one of the largest mediums to connect with your audience and has been ranked The second most popular site by Alexa as of April 2017. So more and more people are looking for better search ranking of their videos. We are going to look at some basic tips which will help your videos rank higher in YouTube search.  ⇒⇒ PRIMARY TIPS ⇐⇐ Making of a better content ultimately leads to the video showing up higher in YouTube search results. Following key points are not only going to help your videos becoming available in top searches but also getting more views: 1. Keyword Search  The first step is to search for a related video in YouTube and you would see search phrase suggestions as you type. These search phrases are the most popular search phrases for related content so you get some idea about what all things people are looking for and what all[…]