Twenty-One Aces

Twenty-One Aces is a bar dice game which is played in a group of people. It is an extermely simple game and played in groups (mostly friends) for fun. The game is played with 5 six-sided dice and aim of the game is to simply roll aces (or ones) and count it.

Twenty-One Aces Dice Game Play:

Players take turn to roll all 5 dice and count number of aces rolled. After each roll turn is passed to the next player. The player who rolls 7th Ace gets to decide which drink or shot will be offered to the winner. The player who rolls 14th Ace needs to pay for the drink and the player who rolls 21st Ace wins the shot and drinks it.

Starting from 17th Ace, a die is removed from the game if it is an Ace. For ex, if 16 Aces were rolled and next roll with 5 dice gets two aces, then those two dice with aces are removed from the game and next player gets remaining 3 dice to roll.


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