Klondike Dice

Klondike Dice is a betting game played with 5 six-sided dice. The game has origins from America and was popular with casinos in Frontier America. The game requires players to roll certain combinations to win which is very similar to a Poker Dice game. Some of the combinations from Poker Dice are not available in Klondike Dice and there are some variations in the rules as well.

Alternate Names: Counter Klondike, Casino Klondike

Setup: 5 six-sided dice

Klondike Dice Game Play:

Counter Klondike:

In Klondike Dice players need to roll better combination than banker to win. The banker rolls first and then all other players take turns to roll and try to beat banker’s combination.

Ace (or One) is ranked highest and then remaining dice numbers are ranked from highest to lowest. Following is the sequence of ranks from highest to lowest

1 6 5 4 3 2

Combinations are ordered in sequence from highest to lowest as following

  1. Five of a kind – All 5 dice showing the same number
  2. Four of a kind – 4 dice showing the same number
  3. Full house – 3 dice with one number and 2 dice showing another number
  4. Three of a kind – 4 dice showing the same number
  5. Two pairs – 2 dice pairs showing same number
  6. One pair – 2 dice showing same number

A die not used in any combination is ignored. If players roll same combination as of banker, then they lose. They must roll a better combination to win. In case no one rolls a combination including the banker, then banker wins.

Casino Klondike:

Casino Klondike version of this game is played with 10 dice on a table with specific layout. There are 3 sections on the table layout marked “win”, “lose”, and “beat two aces”. First the banker rolls 5 dice and sets it aside. Other players take turn to roll remaining 5 dice and try to beat the banker. Players can bet on any of the three options to win. If they bet on “win”, they must roll a better combination. If they bet on “lose”, then they must roll a lower combination. If they bet on “beat two aces”, then they must roll at least two pairs. If they tie with the banker then banker wins.

Klondike Dice Roller (click box below to load the game)

[iframe src=”http://www.netexl.com/howtoplay/games/klondike-dice/index.html” width=”320px”  height=”360px”]

Click here to open on mobile.

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