Sevens Out

Sevens Out is a simple game of luck and is played with two six-sided dice. The objective of Sevens Out game is to become the first player to reach to a predetermined score (usually 1000).

No Of Players: 2 or more players


2 dice and a score sheet to capture scores for each player

First Turn:

Roll one die to decide. Player rolling highest number goes first. In case of a tie re-roll.

Sevens Out Dice Game Play:

Players take turn clockwise to roll all their dice and score as per the following rules

  • In each turn players keep rolling 2 dice until they roll a 7 (sum of two dice numbers).
  • After each roll the numbers rolled by the player is added to his/her overall score if the total of dice numbers is not 7.
  • If player rolls 7 then turn automatically ends and 7 is not added to player’s overall score.
  • If a double is rolled, then player scores twice the total of dice numbers. For ex if 5, 5 is rolled, then 20 (2 times 10) is added to the player’s score.
  • The player to reach to a predetermined score (500, 1000 etc) wins.

Learn Sevens Out dice game by playing (click box below to load the game)

[iframe src=”” width=”320px”  height=”300px”]

Click here to open the game on mobile.


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