Mafia dice game is a simple game played with 5 six-sided dice for each player. The objective of the game is to win by becoming the first player to lose all dice.

No Of Players: 3 or more players


All players start with 5 dice initially.

First Turn:

First turn can be decided by roll of one die and highest roll can start. In case of a tie re-roll can be done. If game is played by a large number of players then 2 or 3 dice roll can also be used with sum of dice value being the deciding factor.

Mafia Dice Game Play:

Players take turn in clockwise manner to roll their dice as per the following rules

  • If player rolls a 1, then that die is removed from the game and moved to the center.
  • If player rolls a 6, it is passed to the player on the left (clockwise).
  • Turn is then passed to next player who also does the same.
  • The play continues until one player is left with no die who is declared the winner.
  • The game can also be played for stakes where the losing players roll their remaining dice and pay the winner in the form of money or counters or chips equal to their dice values. If players start with fixed money/counters/chips then they are out of the game as soon as they have no money/counter/chip left to continue playing.

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