Left Center Right (LCR)

Left Center Right or LCR is a simple dice game published by George & Company LLC. The game is played with specially marked custom 6-sided dice, 3 sides of which is marked with L, C and R respectively and remaining 3 sides are marked with a dot. Each player starts with 3 chips and objective of the game is to be the last player to have one or more chips to win.

The game play of LCR partly resembles other classic games like Aces in the Pot as well as Aces and is basically a combination of the game play of these two games.

No Of Players:

3 or more players


The game is played with 3 custom 6-sided dice. All players are given 3 chips at the beginning of the game.

First Turn:

Players can decide among themselves who is to take the first roll. Remaining players take turn clockwise.

Left Center Right (LCR) Game Play:

Players roll three dice to start with. The rules of the game are as following

  • Place one chip to the center for each C rolled.
  • Pass one chip to the left for each L rolled.
  • Pass one chip to the right for each R rolled.
  • No action is to be taken for dots.
  • If player has 3 or more than 3 chips, then all three dice must be rolled.
  • In case player has less than 3 chips remaining, then number of dice rolled should be equal to the number of chips.
  • If player has no chips, he/she can not roll and must pass on his/her turn.┬áThe player is still in the game since he/she can get a chip from other players and will be back in the play.
  • The play goes on in this manner until only one player is left with chips who wins the game and also wins all chips placed in the center.

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