Hog dice game is an interesting variation of classic Pig dice game. Hog dice game was developed by the Mathematical Sciences Education Board (1994) and is described in Bohan and Schultz (1996).

The objective of Hog dice game is reach to a predetermined score before your opponents. 100 is considered a good score to play for.

Hog Dice Game Play:

The rules for the game are as following

  1. Players take turn to roll dice. At the beginning of the game players determine the maximum number of dice (10 is a good recommended value) which can be rolled. Players are free to choose any number of dice to roll on their turn. They can even go for different number of dice for different turns.
  2. Players can roll as many times as they wish in each turn.
  3. If any of the rolled dice has a value 1, then current turn score is zero otherwise sum of all dice values are added to the current turn total.
  4. If 1 is rolled for any of the dice, then player’s turn automatically ends and next player starts. It has no impact on overall score of the player.
  5. The first person to reach to the predetermined score (usually 100) wins the game.


Hog dice game has been used to educate and introduce students to concepts in probability, statistics, and simulation and also foster student interest in those concepts.

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