Forty One

Forty One is a gambling dice game which is played with 6 six-sided dice.

Forty One Dice Game Play:

All players put their stakes in a pot and then take turn rolling all 6 dice six times. After each roll they must set aside one die. Once they have rolled 6 times, final score is calculated. Players must have rolled a 4 and a 1 to qualify for a score. Their score is total of remaining 4 dice. If players fail to roll a 4 and a 1, then they score zero.

The player with highest score at the end of the round wins the pot. If there are more than one player with highest score, then winner is decided by a shootout round which is played in similar way.

The highest possible score for a round is 24 and if a player manages to do that, then rest of the players need to double their stake in the pot.


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