The objective of Centennial dice game is to move from 1 to 12 and then back from 12 to 1 in a board containing numbered positions. The game is played with 3 six-sided dice.

Alternate Names: Ohio, Martinetti

No Of Players: 2 Р8


3 six-sided dice and a board with 12 numbered boxes from 1 to 12 (such as below). Each player needs a distinguishable marker to mark his/her position in the board during the game.


First Turn:

Roll one die to decide. Player rolling highest number goes first. In case of a tie re-roll.

Centennial Dice Game Play:

Players take turn clockwise to roll all their dice once and move their markers in the board. The rules of the game are as following

  • All players have one marker each to move. Initially all markers are off the board. In order to bring marker on the board players need to roll at least a 1.
  • Players start with position 1 and then move sequentially from 1 to 12 and back from 12 to 1 by using dice roll combinations.
  • Players can use all possible combinations of the three dice numbers. They can move more than one positions in each turn. For ex, if player rolled 1, 2, 3 then they can move to first position for 1, second position for 2, third position for 3, fourth position for 3+1, fifth position for 3+2, and sixth position for 3+2+1 so in a single roll they can move 6 positions.
  • If a player overlooks a dice combination which he/she could have played but fails to play it, then that combination can be immediately used by any other player to move his/her marker. For ex, if player#1 was on position 8 and rolled 1, 4, 5, he/she can move his/her marker to position 9 (4+5) and could also move marker to position 10 (1+4+5) but overlooked. Player#2 was on position 9, he/she can immediately claim it to move his/her counter to position 10. Also, if Player#3 was on position 5, he/she can not use 1+5 to move to position 6, since player#1 never needed to move to position 6 so that combination can not be claimed by any other player. Also, overlooked combination can only be claimed by one player whoever called first.
  • The first player to make round trip from position 1 to 12 and then back to 1 wins the game.


  • Players can roll multiple times in each turn as long as they are able to move their marker by at least one position. If they can not make any move, then their turn ends and next player rolls.

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