Cee-lo is a betting game played with 3 six-sided dice. The game has multiple variations and has origins from China. The game requires players to roll certain combinations to win.

Alternate Names: See-Low, Four-Five-Six, The Three Dice Game, Chinchirorin, Three-Six Dice

Setup: The game is played in a group and has two different modes it can be played in. One mode is to choose one player as banker and all other players bet against the banker. Another mode is to use a pot to place bets from all players and winner takes all.

3 six-sided dice is required per player.

Cee-lo Dice Game Play:

Banking Mode:

When game is played in banking mode, the banker gets to roll first. Depending upon the rolled dice one of the following happens

  1. Automatic Win – Bankers wins automatically if one of the following combinations are rolled
    1. 4-5-6
    2. Triples – All dice showing same number
    3. Doubles with a six – Any two dice showing same number with third showing a six
  2. Automatic Loss – Bankers loses automatically if one of the following combinations are rolled
    1. 1-2-3
    2. Doubles with a one – Any two dice showing same number with third showing a one
  3. Set Point – If Banker rolls a double with third dice showing 2, or 3, or 4, or 5 then value of third die is assigned to the banker as set point. This point will be used to decide the winner when other players have rolled and have not automatically won or lost.
  4. Re-roll – When none of the above combinations are rolled, then players need to re-roll until one of the above combinations are rolled.

If banker has an automatic win or loss then rest of the players do not have to roll since outcome is already decided.

When banker has a set point then other players roll to place their bet against the banker. Players have the same combinations for automatic win or loss. If they get a set point, then higher set point wins. Doubles have no weight in set point so if the banker has rolled 3, 3, 2 and player rolls 2, 2, 3 then player has 3 set points against 2 set points of the banker so player is the winner here.

If players don’t roll automatic win, loss or set point then they keep rolling until they roll one of the valid combinations.

If banker and players have scored same set points, then its a tie and players get their individual stakes back.

The first player to roll 4-5-6 or a triple gets the chance to become banker in next turn. If no player rolls 4-5-6 or a triple, but banker loses against all players, then next player in clockwise direction to the banker gets the chance to become the new banker. If none of this happens, then existing banker continues.

Non-banking Mode:

When game is played with a pot in non-banking mode, then all players put their stakes in a pot. All players roll their three dice and the best combination wins. The combinations are slightly different than the banking mode whose ranking from high to low is as following

  1. 4-5-6
  2. Triples – All 3 dice with same number. Triple with higher number wins against lower number so 3-3-3 is better than 2-2-2.
  3. Set Point – Double with third dice showing any number from 1 to 6. Value of third dice is the point value.  Doubles with 1 and 6 are considered as set point in this mode which is different in banking mode. Doubles are not considered for ranking so 2-2-3 is better than 3-3-2.
  4. 1-2-3 – Automatic loss
  5. Rest of the combinations are not valid and players need to re-roll.

Cee-lo Dice Roller (click box below to load the game)

[iframe src=”http://www.netexl.com/howtoplay/games/cee-lo/index.html” width=”320px”  height=”360px”]

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