Blackjack Dice

Blackjack Dice is the dice version of popular card game Blackjack and has a similar objective of getting closest to 21 without going over. The game is played with 2 six-sided dice.

Alternate Names: Twenty One

No Of Players: 2 or more players

Setup: 2 six-sided dice and a scoresheet

Blackjack Dice Game Play:

Players take turn clockwise to roll dice and score as per the following rules

  • In each turn players roll two dice and add the numbers to their turn total. Players can roll as many times as they wish.
  • Once players have scored 16 or more, they have the option to stop rolling or just roll one die one or more times.
  • If their score goes over 21, then they bust and their turn score is zero.
  • The aim is to score 21 or get closest to 21 without going over.
  • Each player scoring 21 in the round gets 2 points.
  • If no player scores 21 then the player closest to 21 gets 1 point. If more than one player have the same score, then no point is given to any player.
  • The game is played for multiple rounds and the first player to reach to a predetermined score (for ex 10 or 20 points) wins the game.

Blackjack Dice Roller (click box below to load the game)

[iframe src=”” width=”320px”  height=”300px”]

Click here to open on mobile.


The game can also be played with a single die in stead of two. This takes more rolls to get closer to 21.

The game is also played for gambling where all players put some stake in a pot which is taken by the winner. In case of a tie, either the pot can be divided by the winning players or play-offs is done for multiple rounds until only one winner remains.

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