Sultan (Solitaire)

Other Names: Sultan of Turkey

Sultan is a solitaire card game using 2 decks of 52 playing cards. Initially all kings are taken out of the deck and placed on the foundations. One king is placed at the center and an ace of the same suit is placed below it. Remaining kings are placed surrounding the center king. All these cards except the center king make up for the base of 8 foundations. There are 8 foundations one starting with ace and remaining 7 with kings.

Eight additional cards are dealt to form reserve piles. Each reserve can hold one card at a time which can be moved any time to the foundations.

The foundations are built in the following way:

On top of the king only an ace of the same suit can be placed. From ace on the foundations are built up by suit to queens.

Cards from the stock pile can be moved one at a time to the waste pile. The top card of the waste pile is available to play either to the empty reserve or the foundations.

The game allows two re-deals from the waste pile to the stock pile which means the player can run through the stock pile three times in total.

The game is won when the center king (or "sultan") gets surrounded by his queens.