Simple Tournament (Solitaire)

Simple Tournament is a variant of Tournament Solitaire card game using two decks of 52 playing cards. This version allows infinite redeals which lets the player finish the game every time.

There are 8 foundations in the game. The aim of the game is to move all cards to the 8 foundations. First four foundations start with an ace and are built up by suit. Next four foundations start with a king and are built down by suit.

Initially 8 cards are dealt to 8 cells to form a reserve. The game requires at least one ace or king to be present in the reserve. If this is not the case then all cards are collected, shuffled and dealt again to the reserve. Each cell in the reserve can hold only one card at a time and can be played to the foundations.

After that 24 cards are dealt into 6 piles, each pile containing 4 cards to form the tableau. The top card of each pile in the tableau is available for play to the foundations or an empty cell in the reserve. Remaining cards are placed into the stock pile which can be dealt to the tableau.

Cards from the stock pile can be moved to the tableau by clicking on the top card of the stock pile. This will deliver 4 cards to each pile in the tableau. If the stock pile has less than 4 cards then all cards will be delivered to a single pile. Two redeals is allowed in the game which means a player can go through the stock pile thrice. During play if a gap is created in the tableau, it is automatically filled with 4 cards from the stock pile (or all cards from the stock pile if it has less than 4 cards). The top cards of the foundations are available to be built on each other during the game.

The game is won when all cards are moved to the foundations.