Relaxed Pyramid (Solitaire)

The objective of Relaxed Pyramid is to get all cards from the pyramid to the foundation. The game is similar to Pyramid Solitaire game except two cells which can be used to hold two cards from the stock which can be used anytime in the game. In the game 21 cards are dealt in the shape of a pyramid in successive rows of 1 to 6 cards. Each card in a row (except the last row) is overlapped by 2 cards from the row below. In the game cards are removed in pairs only if sum of their values is 13. Jack is valued at 11, Queen at 12, and King at 13. Thus, king can be removed alone. You can only remove cards which are not covered by two cards. If a card is covered by only one card and the two cards together make up 13, they can be removed. Cards are drawn one at a time from stock with no re-deal. Once a card is moved from the stock to the cells, it can only be used for play in the pyramid and can not be moved back to the foundation.