Poker Square (Solitaire)

The objective of Poker Square Solitaire is to make best poker hand using first 25 cards from the shuffled deck of 52 playing cards.

The cards are shuffled and placed one by one onto a 5X5 grid. Once a card has been placed in the grid, it can not be moved. Points are scored for hands created horizontally or vertically so there are 10 hands which can be created in the game.

The points are given as per the hierarchy of poker hands below

Hand Type Points
Royal Flush 100
Straight flush 75
Four of a kind 50
Full House 25
Flush 20
Straight 15
Three Of A Kind 10
Two Pair 5
One Pair 2

You need to score a minimum of 150 points to win the game.

To learn about poker hands, please visit the link