Perpetual Motion (Solitaire)

The aim of Perpetual Motion is to discard playing cards from the tableau. Player is dealt one card each to four tableaus. If there are cards of equal rank then all equal ranked cards are moved to the left most card of same rank. After that again 4 cards are dealt from the dealer to four piles and same rule is applied as above to move cards of same rank to one pile. If player gets all four cards of the same rank then they are immediately discarded. This continues until the stock runs out. After that piles are picked up, put over one another and moved to the dealer deck for next round. In the next round player is again dealt four cards at a time and same steps are followed as above. The process is repeated for as many rounds as it takes to discard all cards in a group of four. Drag and drop the card between tableaus to move. In order to discard four cards of equal rank darg and drop all cards to same pile. After each round click on the dealer deck once to move all cards from the tableaus to the dealer deck. The game is won when all cards are discarded (in fours).