Grandfather's Clock (Solitaire)

At the start of the game a clock is formed using follwoing cards: 2♥, 3♠, 4♦, 5♣, 6♥, 7♠, 8♦, 9♣, 10♥, J♠, Q♦, and K♣ These cards act as foundations. The remaining cards are dealt face-up into eight columns of five cards each on the tableau. The objective of the game is to build the foundations so that the top cards of the foundations show the correct numbers on the clock face. The foundations are built up by suit until the card with the correct corresponding number on the clock face is placed. The cards on the tableau are built down regardless of suit. Only the top card of each column is available for play. The spaces can be filled with any available card. The game ends when either all cards are put into the foundations with the clock face showing the correct numbers, or no more moves are possible in the tableau.