Dirty Seven Cards Game

Each player is dealt 7 cards. The aim is to get rid of all of your cards before your opponent does.

On your turn darg and drop a card to discard deck. If you have no card to throw, you must pick one card from dealer deck by double-clicking it.

You can throw a card of same suit or same rank.

There are 4 rules to be followed when throwing the card

1. You can throw one additional card with three on your turn.

2. If a seven is thrown to discard deck, you can only throw a seven on top of it or you must pick 4 cards from dealer deck.

3. Jack can be thrown any time except when a seven was thrown on previous hand. You must make a call for next suit to start throwing the cards to discard deck.

4. If an ace is thrown, next player loses his chance. so you get another chance to throw.

So you can throw additional cards with both three and ace but the difference is that with three you may choose to not throw another card and just pass hand to next player.But with ace you must throw another card otherwise you will have to pick a card from dealer deck.