Crazy Quilt (Solitaire)

Other Names: Indian Carpet, Japanese Rug

Crazy Quilt is a solitaire card game using 2 decks of 52 playing cards. Initially one ace and one king of each suit are taken out of the deck and placed on 8 foundations. First four foundations start with a king and are built down by suit. Next four foundations start with an ace and are built up by suit.

After that 64 cards are dealt in such a way to resemble a quilt. These 64 cards make up the reserve. The reserve does not have all cards available to play at the begining. Only cards, which have at least one of the shorter side available and is not surrounded by another card, can be played either on the foundations or the waste pile. As available cards from the reserve are played, other unavailable cards become available to play when their shorter sides get exposed. Cards from the quilt can be moved to the waste pile only if it is one rank above or below the top card in the waste pile and of the same rank. Remaining cards are placed in the stock pile.

Cards from the stock pile can be moved one at a time to the waste pile. The top card of the waste pile is available to play to the foundations. Two redeals is allowed in the game which means a player can go through the stock pile thrice.

The game is won when all 8 foundations have been built.