Baroness (Solitaire)

Other Names: Five Piles, Thirteens

The aim of Baroness Solitaire is to discard playing cards from the tableau. Player is dealt one card each to five piles and top card of each pile is available to play. Cards are removed in pairs only if sum of their values is 13. Jack is valued at 11, Queen at 12, and King at 13. Thus, king can be removed alone without any pairing. To remove a pair drag one card on top of another. To remove a King simply click it. When gap occurs, it can be filled by top card from other piles. Alternatively, you can click on the stock to fill all gaps. When gaps are filled and no kings and/or pairs of cards totalling 13 are present, click on the stock pile to draw next set of 5 cards to the piles. Games continues by discarding top cards from the piles. When top cards are discarded from the piles, any remaining top card in the pile is immediately available for play. This continues until the stock runs out. The game is won when all cards are discarded.